Bible Studies on Wednesdays at 6pm

Men’s Bible Study w/Bob Willis

Journey back to the time of Jesus. Marvel at the magnificence of Herod’s palace. Scramble among the ruins of Qumran. And wonder at the          simplicity and wisdom of Jesus’ parables. This eight-week video/discussion study is part of Ray Vanderlaan’s series, That the WORLD may Know. Discover how the events of Jesus’ day impacted his life, ministry, and communication. Then let them impact yours.

Bible Study w/Pastor Stephanie Cox

Pastor Stephanie Cox will be leading a Bible Study on Thessalonians for everyone on  Wednesday’s at 6pm. She will be teaching from the Bible. Bring your Bible with you to learn more.
Paul wrote 2 letters to the church in Thessalonica, and they are forever kept in the Bible. Thessalonians 1 was the first letter written to a group of believers that had been Christians for probably just a few months. 
Thessalonians 2 was the second letter to a church in Thessalonica, it was pretty much a follow up letter to the church. Telling everyone that the Day of the Lord coming back was further off than these people were thinking, and they should keep working and wait in idleness for the Day of the Lord.