About Us

Greystone United Methodist Church
4401 Fortner Street, Dothan, AL 36305

Worship Times
Sundays:         9:00 am Sunday School
                      10:00 am Worship Service
                        5:30 pm Evening Worship
Wednesdays: 5:15 pm Family Night Supper 
6:00 pm Bible Study for all ages  

*Nursery provided for all times

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Phone - 334.794.6725
Fax - 334.712.9717
E-mail - info@greystonedothan.org

Who Are We?
Greystone UMC is made up of people of all ages, from all walks of life and life experiences, who understand that life is a continual journey of faith, who understand the value of knowing a merciful God, and the importance of a daily dependence on God. We desire to be a gathering place for those who struggle with life, with their sin, who seek Christ and are willing to check Christ out. We live out each day just like you do.
Our History
On December 4, 2005, a beautiful Sunday morning, the members of Lafayette Street United Methodist Church convened a meeting immediately following the morning worship service. The purpose of the meeting was to determine what the membership was going to do about its 40-year decline. A vision team consisting of 20 people worked for months to prayerfully bring its recommendation to the church body. By the end of that spirit-filled meeting, the congregation voted to relocate and start new by an 80% margin. On that day, the church began its re-birthing process, a process grounded in a heritage that made a profound impact on Dothan and abroad since 1900. This restart included a new vision, a revived mission, and a new location. The vision is to live up to our heritage of reaching each new generation for Christ. The revived mission is to strive to put Jesus first in our lives, to put Him first in our church, and to put Him first in serving the community. The new location is a 14 acre parcel of land on Fortner Street, approximately 2 miles outside of Ross Clark Circle.
Interested in Membership?
Membership is more than simply having one's name placed on the roll of the church. Becoming a member of Greystone expresses one's commitment to put Jesus FIRST in his or her own life, in the "spiritual family" know as the church, and in serving our community, which is not just the Dothan or the Wiregrass area, but all over. We are committed to helping you live out your faith and find your place at Greystone.

The membership classes are open to anyone who is a follower of Christ.

In the membership call, we address questions such as: "Why did God create me?", "Why am I considered sinful before God?", "What is so important about being a Christian?", "How do I become a Christian?", "What does Christian fellowship mean?", "What is grace?", "Why should I be baptized?", "What can I expect from the church?", "What makes the United Methodist Church similar to and different from other denominations?"